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The beauty of geometry on paper

Done with ink: lines and pointillism 
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My work

Closeup shot of stellated dodecahedron progress

My work art work is made by different geometric styles and techniques, from 2D shapes base on basic geometry, extensive patterns and shapes, to complex 3D projections done with perspective; using a wide variety of tools.

I have learned some basic techniques from known artist as reference and taken them into my own work.

My studies are mostly about the known solids, such as Platonic solids, Kepler solids, etc. Taking the use of the golden proportion (phi) and other mathematical bases. 

I also use some of the ideas and references from sacred geometry and other kind of symmetrical / geometrical studies. 

I mostly work on drawing paper to be used with ink, and a lot of other tools depending on the piece I'm working on; such as square rulers, compass, protractor, straightedge, T-square, etc.

I make use of all of those tools in order to achieve the desired look.

"Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world"

- Johannes Kepler
Stellated dodecahedron inside a wireframe

About me

I'm a Chilean artist, I have been drawing since I was kid. The art side of the world always attracted me. I liked a lot the geometric drawings, but I never really gave it a good try. I didn't really know all that could be achieved if I studied geometry enough. But once I started my tattooing career, I had to cover all styles. 

One day I had to try a style I never did before. I had to draw a mandala for a customer. I found it really challenging, but I do enjoy challenging things. Once I did it, I felt so much satisfaction and enjoyment that I kept drawing more on my own.

I discovered all the things I could do starting from basic shapes. I could do patterns, and all kind of fun symmetries.

After a while, I discovered the geometric side of working with perspective techniques. I fell in love with it, and since then I have been studying really hard all the world of geometry and trying new things and shapes everyday in order to achieve my own personal art.

Art about me anchor

"It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul."

- Plato
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